The Ross Trust is committed to creating positive social and environmental change so Victorians can thrive. Since 1971, we have granted more than $150 million to deliver educational opportunities for young Victorians, assist community groups with social justice projects, enhance biodiversity, and respond to Victorians in crisis through emergency support and other assistance. Today, the social and economic challenges faced by Victorians are significant many vulnerable people remain in desperate need of support. With this in mind, our FY25 granting strategy reflects the needs of the Victorian community.

The Ross Trust has increased its annual granting allocation for the 2025 financial year to support:
• educational equity funding with an increased focus on school attendance and engagement
• focus on social justice and human rights, and
• building rural community resilience in Victoria.

All grants are by invitation only If you wish to express initial interest, please contact us.

We remain committed to our many active biodiversity conservation grant partners that are undertaking significant work across Victoria and Australia.

  • Educational equity
  • Rural community resilience
  • Social Justice

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