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Impact investments

From time to time, the Ross Trust has engaged in impact investing aligned with our current strategy and funding priorities. 

Impact Investing Australia describes impact investment as ‘investments made into organisations, projects or funds with the intention of generating measurable social and environmental outcomes, alongside a financial return.’

One of the features of these investments is the ability to bring together funding organisations across sectors, expanding the pool of resources available to help achieve start up-funds, with a commitment to achieving sustainable outcomes addressing social and environmental issues. The approach often allows greater latitude for taking risks than more traditional sources of finance and leads to innovative solutions to long-term challenges. 

The Ross Trust is currently invested in three impact investing initiatives which focus on affordable housing, environmental conservation and educational engagement. If you would like to know more about our approach to potential investments in alignment with our granting strategy, please contact our CEO by email: 

Current Ross Trust Impact Investments

  • Women’s Property Initiatives – in 2015 the Ross Trust made a $200,000 impact investment loan to Women’s (WPI). WPI is a not for profit organisation that exists to help at risk women and their children to have access to more affordable and stable housing. Read more.
  • Wildlife Wonders – In 2018 a $500,000 impact investment loan to the Conservation Ecology Centre in Victoria’s Otways, to enable the purchase of the 20-hectare property running from the road to the sea, five minutes west of Apollo Bay. Read more
  • Living Learning – In 2020 a $500,000 commitment to Melbourne City Mission’s Living Learning Program (LLP). The LLP supports 15-25 years old young people who have disengaged from school with mental health challenges, to return to flexible learning, complete Year 12, and identity a positive path forward. Read more

Learn more about impact investing: