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Terms of engagement

Once you receive a grant, there are a few things we need your help with.

Grantees will be provided with the terms of engagement as part of the online application process.

They are:

  • Use of grant: The Grantee will use the whole of the grant exclusively for the project as described in the application and not for any other purpose. The Grantee will promptly advise the Ross Trust of any material change which may affect the Grantee's ability to undertake or complete the project within the specified period. All grant funds should be expended only within Victoria and only for charitable purposes.
  • Timeframe: The Grantee will use its best endeavour to complete the project within 12 months (for one-year grant) from the date of receipt of the grant (or within the specified period of the grant).
  • Payment: For multi-year grants, a satisfactory progress report is required from the Grantee within 12 months of the date of receipt of the grant and each subsequent year after. All payments are subject to a satisfactory report and a signed statement of solvency.
  • Accounts: The Grantee will show the grant separately in its books of account and keep records adequate to enable the use of grant funds to be checked readily.
  • Acknowledgment: The Grantee will acknowledge the assistance of the Ross Trust in any published or display material and provide it to the Ross Trust for review at least one week ahead of its publication by emailing The Ross Trust has a Grantee Guide to Acknowledging the Ross Trust which can be downloaded here. The guide includes the appropriate form of wording to acknowledge the Trust in any published material. Please request the Ross Trust logo by email specifying the colour and size required.
  • Report: The Grantee will give the Ross Trust a final report at the end of the specified period and within two months of completion of the project. Read more about our Measurement, Evaluation and Learning and the details needed for the final report.
  • Unexpended funds: If the Grantee cannot complete the project/purposes as outlined in the application, please advise the Ross Trust as soon as possible. Any unused portions of the grant may be required to be repaid.